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Kraken is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in euro volume and liquidity. Jesse Powell, who is also the present CEO, launched it in 2011.  In 2013 Kraken was named as one of the most important bitcoin companies. It was also the first exchange to transition to standard Bitcoin currency code XBT.


Payment methods

Only through bank transfer and cryptocurrency. Options like credit card and PayPal are not recognized.


Supported Countries

USA, UK, Canada, Japan



Kraken developers have choreographed advanced tools to protect the accounts. Users can further the security of their accounts by Two-factor verification for account login and funding. A master key must also be generated for account recovery. This applies to basic accounts. For advanced accounts, users can develop supplementary two-factor authentication security, lock the account with appropriate settings and further use PGP key to obtain encrypted email.


Limits & Liquidity

There is no minimum deposit or selling level specification by the company.



Kraken comes second after Coinbase on basis of website traffic according to Nevertheless, among the top universal cryptocurrency exchanges, Kraken records the highest mobile use percentage (38.46%). Each of the other top exchanges, claim less than 27% of their traffic through mobile devices. The Kraken website admits 470,381 visitors everyday, with the larger part coming from the US, France, Germany and UK.
In terms of volume, CoinMarketCap generally ranks Kraken among the top six largest exchanges.



Some users report very slow withdrawal times and limited access to their funds.



Fees are expressed as percentages that range from 0% to 0.26%. Besides the percentage based prices, traders pay a processing fee of $ 60 per page for hard copies of communications.


Customer Support

E-mail request form only.