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GDAX offers an inbuilt interface with advanced tools like order books, charting tools, trade history. It allows users of all levels to transact online across nine pairs; BTC-USD, BTC-EUR, BTC-GBP, ETH-USD, ETH-BTC, ETH-BTC, ETH-EUR, LTC-USD, LTC-BTC, LTC-EUR. It is a service provided by coinbase.


Payment methods

Bank transfers and cryptocurrency are the main modes of payment. Users can also transfer funds between coinbase and GDAX directly at no fee.


Supported Countries

Canada, USA, UK, Australia, most of Europe, Singapore,



The company undertakes frequent IT security and financial audits. Additionally, 98% of customer digital assets are stored entirely offline, in cold storage.


Limits & Liquidity

Deposits to GDAX are not limited. However, withdrawals are limited by a users withdrawal limit, which starts from $ 10,000 a day. GDAX provides their users with a variety of trading options. For example, limit buys that allows a user to set price limits, stops that allows users to set stop losses, margin trading and market buy.



GDAX focuses on professional traders. It is also very popular for its low fees. For one to transact with GDAX, a coinbase account is necessary. In June 2017, Ethereum prices in GDAX took a drastic fall that led to a lot of panic among the users. To solve this, trading of ETH-USD was temporarily stopped.



Speed depends on the mode of payment



GDAX fees start from 0.25% and offers volume-based discounts that go as low as 0.1%


Customer Support

Users can communicate with GDAX using email.