Desktop wallets are a type of online, hot wallets that can be downloaded and installed on your PC or laptop.  They store your private keys on the device making them more secure than the online or mobile storages. Unlike hardware or paper wallets, desktop wallets are still connected to the internet which makes them vulnerable to hacking and should only be used to store small amounts

Electrum is a well established, effective and secure desktop bitcoin wallet. According to user reviews, it’s not as beginner friendly as some of the other software wallets, but its other useful features make it one of the most trusted wallets currently available.Electrum is also compatible with the major bitcoin hardware wallets e.g.Tezor, KeepKey,  Ledger Nano

Here is a short summary of its features :


Wallet type :

Desktop wallet, open source


Compatible with :

Mac, Windows and Linux


Stores :

Bitcoin only


Mobile app:

Android only


Fees :

Electrum has a dynamic transaction fee system, which can be set/changed by the user.


Security :

Good safety features include: multi-signature support, offers cold storage solution and keeps your private keys encrypted.