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Damijan Merlak and Nejc Kodrîc invented Bitstamp in 2011. Their idea was to launch an alternative for Mt. Gox and a better option for users around Slovenia.


Payment methods

Cash payment, debit/credit transfer.


Supported Countries

Bitstamp supports services nearly 50 countries including most EU countries, UK, US, China, and Australia.



It presents users with an ID and password, which act as personal security features. Bitstamp keeps 98% of customer’s coins in offline, cold storage wallets.


Limits & Liquidity

Bitstamp provides no limits for their users.



As one of the earliest digital currency exchanges in the world, Bitstamp has steadily led the way in instigating regulation and oversight in the industry since its initiation in 2011. Rumors of security breaches within the company have always surfaced. One is speculated to have occurred in February 2014 when hackers blackmailed Bitstamp for seventy-five bitcoins as ransom. The company, however, dismissed the demands. In 2015, another hacker breached the exchange’s security and stole at least 19,000 bitcoins. The company refuted these claims and requested that the publications be pulled down.



Bitstamp users have complained of very sluggish speeds.  According to Bitstamp’s website a bank wire deposit typically takes 2-5 days and SEPA transfer 1-3 business days. Withdrawal transfers should usually take 2-3 business days (longer for non-SEPA).



Transferring funds from your Bitstamp account to your card carries flat $10 fee for amounts up to $1000. For transfers above $1000, a 2% fee is charged. Credit Card transfers come with an 8% fee.


Customer Support
Phone number is also provided +44 20 8133 547